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Growing a healthy beard takes patience, time and commitment, but it is worth it, and many men know it. However, you can also make this process easier and faster by using beard care products, created especially for that guy who is planning on growing a manly, good-looking beard.

For those of you who are wondering how to grow a healthy beard, it is not enough just to trim it every now and then, eat the proper food and wash it with soap when you wake up in the morning. Beard care is a lot more than that, that is of course if you want to see positive results fast.

For this reason, we have developed a list of five products that will help you achieve any of the beard styles out there that you like. Keep on reading and tell us which ones you already incorporate into your daily beard growth and care routine!

Best 5 beard care products (summary)




Beard balm, beard care products, Beard PANS Ltd
Beard Balm
  • Buy all-natural products
  • Use after washing and drying our beard
  • Apply with fingers
Beard brush, beard care products, tame your beard, Beard PANS Ltd
Beard comb & brush
  • Use products made from grade-A components
  • Use every day to help shape your beard
Beard oil, grow a healthy beard, Beard PANS Ltd
Beard oil
  • Apply after washing your beard
  • Use both on skin and hair
Beard shampoo and conditioner, beard care products, Beard PANS Ltd
Beard shampoo
  • Specially designed to clean the hair without eliminating natural oils

Beard soap, beard care products, soap dish, Beard PANS Ltd
Beard soap
  • Specially designed to clean the hair without eliminating natural oils + exfoliating the skin under the beard

Use a beard balm frequently 

We know we already agree on something: beards are in, but hair growth, especially facial hair, does not grow overnight. This is why incorporating into your beard care regimen some beard balm, is a positive thing to do. 

Beard balm consists of a leave-in conditioner that will moisturize, condition, soften and help style your beard. Some of the ingredients you will find in these products are shea butter that helps with the moisturizing, sweet almond which provides conditioning oil and also helps boost growth, and a protectant that can be beeswax and helps seal in moisture.

A proper beard balm will have all-natural ingredients and should not harm your skin or facial hair. Some of them are also scented with blends of natural essential oils. Stay away from synthetic oils and fragrances since they can be toxic and also irritate your skin. Don’t forget to read the ingredients of the beard products you buy first!

To use beard balm properly, take a sizeable amount of product, rub it between your fingers and apply it on your beard, starting from the neck and working your way up. Then, reverse the direction of your motion and run your fingers starting on the top all the way to the bottom. Do this after washing and drying your beard.

2.   Get a good-quality beard comb or beard brush

Beard balm is essential, but if you are a man who is defined by his furry facial appearance, then you also need a beard comb or beard brush, depending on the length of your facial hair. A proper beard comb will help maintain a healthy beard by shaping it and styling it as you wish.

Combing your beard is also a good habit to have if you are looking into healthy beard growth practices but you should know that not every comb or brush model out there is designed to fit your facial mold.

So, how do you select the best comb or brush for your beard? First, look for products made from grade-A components, which is pretty much anything other than plastic. Additionally, Ask Men published on their website a list that we will share with you of different beard brush materials to choose from:

  •  Boars hairs: These are natural fibers that soak up oils and help add an even coat to your facial hair from the follicle to the tip.
  •  Metal: This material is great for long-term use and you will commonly find combs made from aluminum or stainless steel.
  •  Natural plastic: This refers to cellulose acetate and combs made from this material are good for beard care.
  •  Synthetic composite: This material is very resistant to bending and snapping and gets the job done very nicely.
  •  Wood: Wood combs ensure static-less results and distribute balms and oils properly across the face.

3.   Beard oil (not the same as beard balm)

The product that will not only eliminate beard dandruff, beard itch and beard rash is oil. Additionally, beard oil will make your facial hair easier to handle and style, and believe us, you WILL see a great difference.

Beard oil is a specially formulated oil that is designed to be applied to your beard to help keep it soft, hydrated and overall healthy. And, if the beard oil you choose comes with a fragrance, your beard will smell nice every day, especially if you do not have time to wash your beard on a daily basis.

You should apply it on your beard and the skin underneath after washing your beard and drying it. However, don’t confuse this product with beard balm, since that is more for styling and beard oil is more for health. However, you can use both products together for maximum results.

4.   Beard shampoo

First of all, beard shampoo is not a replacement for beard balm or beard oil, it is a great compliment to your morning and beard care routine. These products are designed specifically to wash your beard but not strip out your natural sebum oils because, when it comes to your beard, you need all the oils you can get in it. Otherwise, it will get dry, frizzled out and the hair could break.

So, beard shampoo is very useful and necessary to clean your hair without eliminating the good stuff your body already produces naturally. But, since the hair on your head is different than the hair on your face, you need a specially-formulated shampoo that will clean and condition without washing away your natural oils.

And yes, you need to wash your beard frequently because it is very easy for dust, dirt and other particles to get stuck in it. 

5.   Beard soap

Beard soap? But we already talked about beard shampoo. Yes, but there is also beard soap and it also does wonders for your beard. It can come in the form of a liquid or a solid and all you need to do is scrub your facial hair with it.

As it happens with beard shampoo, beard soap is made specifically for washing the hair but without making your skin and hair go dry, that is, without eliminating the good oils you need.

And of course, we know you are wondering if beard shampoo is better than beard soap or the other way around. The answer is that they are both good products that will give you the result of a clean and fresh-smelling beard. It depends more on your personal likes and which one works better for you.

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